The life of a “Solopreneur” can be a lonely one, sometimes you need someone to have a look, sit down and to bounce ideas off of!

Our Business Consulting and Review packages are full of options. We can help you look at your numbers, go over your marketing, and give you a fresh perspective. Presented to you in an easy to read PDF, with steps to take, if you wish, to help you achieve your goals!

Business Planning Rivers

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Serving clients across Rivers, Dauphin, Neepawa, Minnedosa, Brandon, Sandy Lake, Killarney, Virden, Winnipeg, and the surrounding areas.

What They Say

  • When Covid hit, all of our resources went into keeping our doors open. We went into survival mode, all of our time and energy was used to keep the store running; whether that looked like trying to operate with closed doors or trying to adhere to the latest restrictions. This meant we fell really behind in our really behind. I was so…

    - Samantha

    Samantha’s Boutique

  • We needed to find a bookkeeper to help with our business but were struggling to find someone to take on the part time position. That’s when we discovered Wildflower Business Solutions. They will come in whenever we need them, take care of all of our bookkeeping needs and are always willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever its needed!

    - Della

    Rivers Home Hardware & Building Centre

  • These Women know their stuff! Nothing but amazing service, highly recommend!

    - Jessica

    Be Easy Massage