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  • When Covid hit, all of our resources went into keeping our doors open. We went into survival mode, all of our time and energy was used to keep the store running; whether that looked like trying to operate with closed doors or trying to adhere to the latest restrictions. This meant we fell really behind in our books...like really behind. I was so embarrassed. I had first seen Crystal at the Southwest Business Expo a few years ago and had started following her on social media.

    She continued to pop up in my Instagram feed and I couldn't shake the idea that I needed her help. So I reached out with my very long-winded explanation of how behind I was on my books and I was overwhelmed. She quickly responded, reassuring me that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. We scheduled a free phone consult and we hit it off immediately! I was no longer self conscious of my situation and felt so comfortable talking to her! She was so easy to talk to and so understanding.

    One week later she came to my store, with a newborn baby in tow...that is dedication! We gave her all of our online information and sent her away with a big ole box FULL of papers. Within 3 weeks-she had it all done! I couldn't believe it, what an amazing relief! I 10/10 recommend hiring Crystal, she takes care of everything and is such an amazing person to work with! If you've been hesitating on hiring a bookkeeper, I understand, we were there too. With hiring Crystal, she has taken such a huge job off of our plate to allow us more time to work in our store, doing what we love!

    - Samantha

    Samantha’s Boutique

  • We needed to find a bookkeeper to help with our business but were struggling to find someone to take on the part time position. That’s when we discovered Wildflower Business Solutions. They will come in whenever we need them, take care of all of our bookkeeping needs and are always willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever its needed!

    - Della

    Rivers Home Hardware & Building Centre

  • These Women know their stuff! Nothing but amazing service, highly recommend!

    - Jessica

    Be Easy Massage

  • Working with Wildflower Business Solutions was quite literally, a dream come true.

    Crystal is very professional, she knows her stuff, and she got us sorted out and on the path to success in no time at all.

    We used to feel very scattered and unorganized, not to mention we had zero clue what was happening around tax season, but since working with Wildflower Business Solutions, we feel calm, collected, and in-the-know. No more surprises!

    We save a fortune in the accounting department all because our bookkeeping game is on point now and we understand what’s happening behind the scenes. Thank you WBS, you have been our saving grace. I highly recommend Crystal and Karen to every small business.

    - Andrea

    Den Designs